Drunken joyrider steals steamroller, but rolls over himself.

Canadian law enforcement officials were called to the rescue of a drunk man who took a steamroller for a joyride, only to lose control of the massive vehicle and get pinned down as it rolled over him.

Around 03:20am police in Sudbury, Ontario were alerted to the situation. The man had started the massive machine and begun to drive it up an incline. However, gravity and alcohol are a bad combination when behind the wheel of a heavy construction vehicle. The steamroller reeled up, like some great dying dinosaur and rolled on to the man, trapping him in its final resting place.

The police are now waiting for the man to be released from hospital in order to arrest him for theft and driving under the influence in the $5000 behemoth.

For further details:
AOL News website (external link)


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